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USB-C cable for Ethernet adaptors


The USB=C Cable is used to connect Redpark Gigabit Ethernet Adapters for USB-C to an iPad (and shortly and iPhone). It is available in three lengths and features a right angle USB-C connector to facilitate mounting on a wall or holding in your lap.

Available lengths:
0.4, 0.95 or 3 Metres - just select the size you want above the "add to cart" button when ordering.

USB-C CABLE FOR Redpark USB-C adaptors FAQ

Q: Can this cable be used to connect other USB devices to an iPad or iPhone?
A: Perhaps. The cable complies with MFI and USB-C specifications. However we only test the cable with Redpark USB-C Gigabit Ethernet Adapters. We do not warrant that the cables work for other uses.

Q: Why are these USB-C cables sold separately from the Redpark USB-C Gigabit Adapters?
A: Cables are sold separately so that customers can choose the cable that best fits the use case. Customers may select one of the Redpark USB-C cables or may select cables available from other MFI certified suppliers.