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Redpark engineers and markets connectivity accessories for the iPhone and iPad.


In 1995 we founded Keyspan and began developing accessories for the Macintosh.

From 1996 to 2008 we engineered more than three dozen accessories for the Mac, PC and iPod. We shipped more than 2 million units worldwide and provided products on an OEM basis to companies such as Apple and Lantronix.

We sold the Keyspan brand to TrippLite in 2008. Following the sale of Keyspan we launched Redpark Product Development and turned our focus to the iPhone and iPad.

Initially as Keyspan and later as Redpark, we’ve participated in Apple’s “Made for iPhone” (MFI) licensing program for more than 12 years.


Our team consists of hardware, firmware and software engineers located in Emeryville, California. We work closely with industrial design firms in the US and Asia. Our products are manufactured in China through partnerships that have existed for more than a decade.

We offer Redpark branded accessories that solve many of the connectivity needs facing iPhone and iPad users.

We also deliver custom cables and other custom products in a “turnkey” fashion (handle all aspects of development and use our Asian manufacturing relationships to build the product for you). More information is available at head office on our USA Redpark Website.

Australian Redpark Store

In 2017 an Australian Redpark Store was opened to service the dynamic iOS iPad and iPhone development community in Australia and New Zealand. Goods are stocked and shipped from warehouses in Melbourne, Victoria, ensuring quick delivery.

Shipping information available on the Australia and New Zealand store website.